Linklaters Nakhoda’s ISDA Create System – Product Walk Through

ISDA Create, the contract automation, negotiation, and key data extraction tool, developed by Linklaters’ Nakhoda tech team, has received a lot of interest across the market. So it was about time we had an AL TV Product Walk Through to show what it can do.

Guiding us through the product walk through are:

  • Shilpa Bhandarkar, CEO of Nakhoda,
  • Doug Donahue, Partner at Linklaters,
  • Heather Smith, Senior Attorney, Derivatives at Linklaters

We also explore the product’s inclusion of the ISDA Master Agreement and ISDA Clause Library. And it’s worth noting that this is one aspect of what Nakhoda has on offer, they also have the recently covered CreateIQ contract system for a wide range of document types, which also collects key data at the point of creation.

Press play to watch inside the page, it’s approx 30 mins. If you want to know what one of the world’s largest law firms has built with its own internal tech team, then this is a good opportunity to find out. Enjoy.

AL TV Productions, March 2021

Interesting stuff, and just goes to show what law firms can do internally when they want to.

As Donahue said in an earlier comment: ‘The launch of the ISDA Master Agreement with the ISDA Clause Library embedded within it illustrates the opportunity we have to continue to transform our industry through technology.

‘The Clause Library work undertaken to collect, deconstruct, categorise and tag the industry’s most commonly used clauses produced a very useful and detailed paper version of the Clause Library published on ISDA’s website. However, it’s the implementation of the Clause Library in the ISDA Master Agreement on ISDA Create where the Clause Library comes alive and brings the opportunity technology presents into clear focus.’

Thanks to Shilpa, Doug and Heather for the walk through.