Reynen Court Launches ‘Full-Service’ Turn-Key Access

Reynen Court has launched a new ‘full-service offering’, with Womble Bond Dickinson signing up to it as an early adopter. In addition to Womble Bond Dickinson, two other sizeable law firms are scheduled for the initial roll-out of the full-service model during the second quarter. 

The market / implementation platform explained that: ‘Until now, [their service] has been available only on a self-managed basis, where firms and departments bring their own infrastructure (in a data centre or virtual private cloud), install the Reynen Court platform, and then deploy and manage containerised third-party software applications in one or several secure private clouds under their exclusive control.’

But, now with the new ‘full-service’ offering you get what they call ‘turn-key access’ to a ‘comprehensive solution that enables organisations to access the same powerful benefits of the platform (and the standardisation it embodies) without requiring them to provision and manage their own private cloud, platform and application deployments’.

Through the full-service solution Reynen Court will offer a ‘single, trusted environment in which to test and deploy containerised applications‘. It also gives firms and law departments a single number to reach for third-level support for the applications deployed on the platform. 

One additional positive is that this new approach comes with a lower up-front subscription fee than the self-managed platform and a flexible pay-as-you-go pricing regime.

Reynen Court founder and CEO Andrew Klein, said: ‘Before we even launched to the very large law firms that helped us design the platform, innovation teams at several large and mid-sized firms started asking us whether we could provide these elements on a full-service basis.

‘Over the last year, a number of influential in-house legal operations leaders similarly expressed interest in getting access to a comprehensive solution — an ‘innovation laboratory in a box’ — that they could use to source, evaluate and securely try-out new applications in a trusted environment without over burdening their corporate IT departments.’

Bill Koch, Chief Knowledge Officer at Womble Bond Dickinson (US), added: ‘Like everyone in our industry, we see no end to the onslaught of new technologies, and Reynen Court will allow us to cut through the noise so that we may rapidly adopt technologies that improve our efficiency and facilitate purposeful interactions with our clients.

‘The value of the time we expect to save represents a multiple on the investment we are making in a full-service Reynen Court subscription. We are excited to get started and have already identified a number of applications that we intend to pilot straight away.’

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