Deloitte on Contracts and CLM – In-Depth Interview

How is Big Four firm Deloitte approaching the key inhouse areas of contracts and the application of CLM software? In this in-depth interview Artificial Lawyer talks to Mark Ross – Principal, Legal Business Services, and Craig Conte – Partner responsible for Deloitte’s Contracts Legal Management Consulting group.

Ross is British and based in Los Angeles, while Conte is American and based in London. Together they provide a broad range of insights into how Deloitte is thinking about the centrally important subject of the contract lifecycle.

The interview is about 30 mins, and we could easily have gone on for several hours. There is really so much to cover in this area. But, hopefully this in-depth interview covers many of the key topics, (see below).

AL TV Productions. May 2021.

We cover:

  • What is Deloitte doing for clients in relation to contracts? E.g. transforming the contracting operation.
  • The tech part of the solution: how do they approach the application of CLM and other tools?
  • Why no particular tool solves everything for contracts, and why CLM adoption has been slow.
  • But, also why there’s a perfect storm for CLM use now.
  • Why engagements are ‘Legal and….‘, not just legal on its own, and often are led by people in the company outside of legal.
  • The many facets of contracts and how they mean many things to different parts of the business.
  • Is the inhouse legal function changing now? Is it becoming more financially orientated because of the focus on working with commercial data?
  • The ever-present challenge of having tech, but not really using it.
  • Plus some predictions for the future.
  • And much, much more.

Thanks to Mark and Craig for the interview.

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  1. Really great talking to you Richard. Agree – we could have gone on for hours. But that is because it is such a big, fun and evolving topic that effects everyone. Thanks for the chat!

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