LawDroid: Product Walk Through – Legal Automation

LawDroid has been with us for some years now, having launched back in 2016. It started off with a focus on bot building, and it still does that, but it’s now got a broader no-code offering that can be used for doc creation, expert system design, and other legal automation needs.

In this AL TV Product Walk Through we hear from CEO and Founder, Tom Martin, about one key use case, a term sheet author, but it could be used for multiple types of output.

The reality is that while ‘bots’, expert systems, doc automation systems and workflow automation may all sound like different things, they are all part of the same basic toolkit.

That toolkit has three core parts:

  • a workflow builder, i.e. a visual and no-code logic diagram;
  • the template questionnaire or interface that you engage with to input answers to questions and move through the logic gates;
  • and then the final output – which could be a document template that has been filled in with your answers, or perhaps a set of notes fed to you from an expert system driven by the workflow, and many forms of information redirection, e.g. automatically sending an email containing the data you’ve inputted to the Head of Compliance and the inhouse contract team.

So, here’s LawDroid. Please press play to watch inside the page. It’s about 8 minutes. Enjoy.

AL TV Productions. June 2021.

Thanks to Tom for the Walk Through.

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