Product Walk Through: Majoto – Google Workspace Contracting

Majoto is a contract creation platform that operates through Google Workspace, in particular Google Sheets, and has a strong focus on legal design.

It’s the brainchild of Denis Potemkin, who appears in this AL TV Product Walk Through. It covers a lot of things, from templates and the like, which you’d expect, to working in tandem with playbooks, to generating risk reports, and plenty of no-code, or as Potemkin prefers, ‘no effort‘, utilities to improve the lawyer’s drafting experience.

What makes this approach stand out is the way Majoto maintains the feel of a ‘mapped’ document. Of course, all contracts are visual in essence, but Potemkin has tried hard to make the most out of shape and structure, borrowing plenty from legal design’s ideals.

And it works. The fact that it is built from the ground up with Google is something that will appeal to many, and for those that don’t fancy moving outside of Word, the end result can of course be exported into more traditional files.

The best way to see what it can do is to watch this short AL TV Product Walk Through. It’s about 15 minutes.

AL TV Productions. July 2021.

Thanks to Denis for the walk through.