The Artificial Lawyer Summer Quiz

Maybe you are on a beach in the Med, or glamping in a soggy field in Devon, or perhaps like Artificial Lawyer you are at work on your sofa. In any case, it’s time for the Summer Quiz.

There are 20 questions and the answers will be revealed in a week or so. Enjoy. And good luck!

  1. Which legal tech founder is a relation of the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer?
  2. Which once famous UK-based legal AI brand ceased to exist this year?
  3. DocuSign has bought three legal tech companies in the last couple of years, which are they?  
  4. What is the average value, as a % of revenue, for R&D spending across most sectors of the economy? (And bonus question, in relation to legal tech, innovation and service delivery, how much is that in the legal sector?)
  5. What is the biggest legal tech company in the world by revenue, (if we include conglomerates where legal tech is a notable part of the overall enterprise)?
  6. How many legal tech IPOs have been announced in the last 12 months?
  7. Which Israel-based doc review company has an office staffed by lawyers in Utah?
  8. Which doc automation company from Finland is being used to help young lawyers in San Francisco learn about legal tech?
  9. US-based ‘legal tech app store’ Reynen Court has a staff member in Scotland – true or false?
  10.  Blockchain solutions are used at scale for client work by how many of the UK 100 and US 100 largest law firms?
  11. Which Magic Circle law firm recently re-integrated its spun-out legal tech division?
  12. Nakhoda is the legal tech group of which UK-based law firm? (And special bonus: what is its main focus?)
  13. The billable hour has only been the de facto method for billing legal work since the 1960s, i.e. only for about 60 years. True or false?
  14. The first legal tech product was in fact developed as early as 1956, and so we can say that ‘legal tech began’ in the 1950s. True or false? (Special bonus, this invention later led to the creation of what massive legal tech company?)
  15. Which no-code company is the oldest: BRYTER, Neota Logic, or AUTTO?
  16. Kira Systems, the well-known NLP doc analysis company, is over 10 years old – true or false?
  17. Luminance’s first CEO now works at which Big Four firm? (Special bonus question: and where does its second CEO work now?)
  18. The total number of lawyers who have lost their jobs in the last 12 months ‘because of AI’ is….how many?
  19. Reports suggest that large commercial law firms have made more money recently than ever before, yet surveys also suggest many clients are putting pressure on inhouse legal teams to reduce spending. How is this possible? 
  20. There are so far two legal tech marketing consortiums, one is LexFusion, which is the other?

Hope that was fun! Answers in a week or so.