Legal Innovators Conference – 1st Speakers Announced for London

Legal Innovators, the conference created by Artificial Lawyer and organised by Cosmonauts, is all set for London on October 21 + 22 – and we can now announce some of the great speakers who will be on stage.

Plus, for the first time, Legal Innovators this year is taking place on two consecutive days.

On Thursday 21 October it will be a day focused on the world of people, process and technology at law firms and other legal services providers.

And on Friday 22 October it will be the second day focused on the world of people, process and technology, but this time at the clients.

As with the first Legal Innovators (remember 2019….!?) the event will be held in the City of London, ETC Venues, 200 Aldersgate, EC1A 4HD. And perhaps more than ever before our motto of ‘Learn, Share and Network‘ will be front of mind, given how many of us have not had a chance to meet other people at conferences for quite some time.

And, on the subject of people, let’s look at just a few of our great speakers, who as noted are across the law firm and inhouse world. Plus, naturally, we have speakers from pioneering legal tech companies (see below).

Our keynote speaker will be Jeremy Coleman, Head of Innovation at Norton Rose Fulbright, and who previously was Head of the firm’s Innovation Hub in Newcastle.

Jeremy really typifies what Legal Innovators is all about. He’s someone who qualified as a solicitor, but also has immersed himself in improving the way that people, process and technology mesh together to provide the firm’s clients with a better delivery of legal services.

As regular readers know, this site is as passionate about the business of law and new delivery models as it is about technology. This is because as each year passes by it is underlined that tech is one part of the solution – a key part, as it enables things to happen in ways that would be impossible otherwise – but still part of a much larger ecosystem of people, processes and specialist groups spanning both the service provider world of law firms and ALSPs, and the inhouse and legal ops world.

This is what Legal Innovators is all about: this intersection of new ideas and practices that go to the heart of the legal sector and are steadily changing it for the better. It’s a lot more than just a legal tech conference.

But, back to the speakers. As you can see below, this small sample out of the around 60 speakers appearing over the two days, (and more speakers will be highlighted in the weeks ahead), is also a perfect example of what Legal Innovators is all about.

We have:

  • Laura Bygrave, Innovator and Head of Commercial at Deloitte – Legal Managed Services at Deloitte.
  • Chantelle Zemba, General Counsel, Deliveroo
  • Shilpa Bhandarkar, CEO, Nakhoda at Linklaters
  • Mathias Strasser, CEO, Scissero
  • Sean Thomas, Group General Counsel, AlphaSights
  • Shruti Ajitsaria, Head of Fuse, Allen & Overy

Here we have speakers from not just some of the world’s leading law firms, but the heavily innovation-focused parts of those firms. We have a representative of the Big Four, whose impact on the legal market cannot be underestimated. And we have two General Counsel, both at tech-forward companies. Plus of course we have the CEO of a tech company focused on NLP and automation for doc creation and review.

And that’s just a few of our planned speakers at the conference that will take place in London on 21 and 22 October.

Personally, it makes me excited just to think about hearing from all these speakers – not to mention all the others – plus the chance to network, and to see the special presentations, to have a chance to wander through the exhibition area and meet a great group of interesting vendors that range from tech companies you know well, such as Neota Logic and Clarilis, to newer companies such as Summize, Della and Contract Mill, and also some much larger companies such as Litera, Onit and DISCO. (More about our sponsors and exhibitors next week.)

Add to this the several breaks, lunch, and evening drinks each day, and we have an incredible event for learning, sharing and networking!

I have to say, if I was not already going – as Conference Chair – I really would want to. So, how do you get tickets? Easy, just follow the links below. And as noted, this is a two day event, so you can buy a ticket for one of the days or both (i.e. for law firm day and also inhouse day).

Every week, Artificial Lawyer will be posting more about the London event on 21 and 22 October. But, as we will have a limited number of tickets, please get them when you can to be sure you’re able to get in.

Oh, and by the way, this is 100% in-person, there will be no use of Zoom for this conference!

See you all there!

Richard Tromans, Founder, Artificial Lawyer.

More Information: if you have any questions about the event that are not covered by the website, or if you’d like to pick up the last one or two remaining sponsorship opportunities, then please contact George Yankov at: