Eigen + NetDocuments Partner Together

Eigen Technologies, the NLP-driven doc analysis system, and NetDocuments, have forged a strategic partnership that includes a deep integration between both companies.

The logic behind the deal is simple: NetDocuments’ customers have huge amounts of unstructured data stored in, or moving through, its system, meanwhile Eigen is a pioneering doc analysis provider designed to gain insights into document-based data.

The close integration is not just for mainstream legal document analysis work, however. They listed several use cases, which include:

  • Regulatory Reporting & Compliance – automate extraction of pertinent information for compliance exercises.
  • Underwriting & insurance policy management – enhance risk management and improve decision making.
  • Classify documents – create models for discovering PII or for contract obligations management.
  • To create and deliver custom AI solutions – training models on low volumes of example documents improves speed to production and reduces cost compared to building from scratch.’

John Krog, VP of Partnerships at Eigen Technologies, said: ‘Eigen and NetDocuments are the perfect combination, each providing a complementary technology. The combination of Eigen’s best-in-class intelligent document processing technology and NetDocuments highly trusted content services gives the market exactly what it needs.

‘As we both know from market experience, there is billions of dollars of data that is currently trapped and unusable. The ability to extract that data with Eigen and manage it with NetDocuments solves this problem. It has been great to collaborate to get this far and I am looking forward to taking this forward together.’

The news follows last week’s announcement that Eigen is moving its HQ to New York from London.