Artificial Lawyer Live – You’re Invited

In the run-up to the Christmas holidays Artificial Lawyer will be holding a get together on Clubhouse every Tuesday at 6PM UK time, 10AM PST and 1PM EST. We will have a great panel of guest speakers (see below) and everyone is invited to come along. You can just listen or also take part in the conversation.

Artificial Lawyer Live’s Pre-Christmas Get Togethers will take over from where the Legal Tech Groucho Club left off. So, if you were a member of that group you can easily join this new version of the Clubhouse event.

For everyone who would like to take part as audience members, with of course the chance to chip into the discussion, all you need to do is follow this link.

The panel for the Tuesday, Nov 23 Artificial Lawyer Live event will be:

Olga Mack – CEO of CLM company ParleyPro,

Electra Japonas – CEO of The Law Boutique + Co-founder of the OneNDA project,

Dorna Moini – CEO of Documate,

Zach Abramowitz – Legal tech expert + investor at Killer Whale Strategies,

Rick Merrill – CEO of litigation analytics company, Gavelytics,

Kelly Harbour – Director of Client Relations & Innovation, Goulston & Storrs, + member of the SALI Alliance legal standards group,

Tom Martin – CEO of LawDroid + co-founder of the American Legal Tech Awards,

(Chair – Richard Tromans – Founder, Artificial Lawyer.)


Why use Clubhouse?

Clubhouse remains a very useful platform for informal group meetings that are focused on conversation. It’s also good to just focus on the voice and not have to stare at a screen. It’s a very mobile-friendly platform and you can join in wherever you are, or whatever you are doing, whether you are sitting in the park or having lunch, as it’s just everyone’s voice.

Is it just for Apple devices?

Clubhouse has changed quite a bit since it launched and Android devices will also now work with it. There’s also been quite a few new capabilities added.

I’d like to be a panel speaker as well, can I?

While the main panel is pre-set before the event takes place, with Clubhouse all you need to do is ‘raise your hand’ if you want to join in the discussion and the Chair can bring you into the panel at an appropriate moment. That said, the main panel will evolve and new guest speakers will arrive. There may also be some special guests each week who will be added to the panel. So, keep a look out for that too.

Will we be singing Christmas carols?

As this is all part of the pre-Christmas run-up, that is an important question to consider. However, we just don’t have the data yet to be certain. But, as we collect more unstructured carol-related data throughout the get togethers and process it through the latest NLP technology we hope to come to an answer.

Remind me again: how do I take part?

If you are already on Clubhouse, just follow the link – here. And if you are not and would like to take part, then also just follow the link.

As mentioned, the idea is to do this every Tuesday up until Artificial Lawyer – and probably most of the planet – goes on holiday.

If you are on this side of the Atlantic then it will be your evening: 6PM GMT, and if you are on the other side of the Atlantic then it will be either the morning in California, 10AM PST, or around lunchtime on the East Coast, 1PM EST.

Hope to see (hear) you all there!