Artificial Lawyer Live – 5PM GMT Today – Twitter Spaces

Today we will be holding another Artificial Lawyer Live – Legal Tech Chat, with a great panel and guests. It is on Twitter Spaces. It is at 5PM GMT, 12 noon EST, 9AM PST – today, Wed 8 December.

Here is the link: 

The main themes of discussion will be: what will 2022 bring in terms of change, plus some other big themes: 

– consolidation vs Google OEM approach vs everyone’s a point solution.

– can legal tech help prevent the ‘Great Resignation’?

– the end of pure play legal tech tools and the need to partner with consultants, ALSPs, big four etc. 

Some of the panel speakers are below, and we’ll hopefully be able to bring in some more speakers as they arrive in the audience throughout the session today.

Electra Japonas – CEO of The Law Boutique + Co-founder of the OneNDA project,

Maurus Schreyvogel – Head of Legal Innovation, Novartis

Zach Abramowitz – Legal tech expert + investor at Killer Whale Strategies,

Olga Mack – CEO of CLM company ParleyPro,

Dorna Moini – CEO of Documate,

Rick Merrill – CEO of litigation analytics company, Gavelytics, 

Tom Martin – CEO of LawDroid + co-founder of the American Legal Tech Awards,

Ryan McClead, Founder of Sente Advisors

(Chair – Richard Tromans – Founder, Artificial Lawyer.)

FAQs –

How Does Twitter Spaces work?

All you need to do is have the Twitter app on your mobile phone (not via your laptop or PC, just use your phone for this one). Open up Twitter at 5PM GMT, 12 noon EST, and go to Spaces. This can be found at the bottom of the screen, in the middle. It usually looks like a little star shape with four dots.

Click on that and then go to the Spaces event, you can also search ‘Artificial Lawyer Live’ to find it in the Space search bar. If you are a speaker you’ll be called into the main area, and if you just want to listen then just come along and listen in via your mobile phone.

As far as can be seen there is no other log-in or anything else you need to do. It’s a bit like just listening to a podcast, but on Twitter, and it’s live.

Can Anyone Join?

Yes, anyone can and it’s free. Just turn up.

Look forward to seeing you all there.

Here is the 

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