Product Walk Through: Evisort – Contract Intelligence

CLM company Evisort has a major focus on the use of NLP to extract key terms from contracts, or as they put it ‘we turn contracts into data’. In this AL TV Product Walk Through, Riley Hawkins, Senior Director of Product, provides a demo of Evisort’s Contract Intelligence Platform, which includes contract lifecycle management, contract analytics, and a central contract repository in a single cloud-based, end-to-end solution.

Evisort recently launched Intelligent Dashboarding, which is ‘the first-ever self-populating dashboards that instantly visualise contract data and summarise key metrics so in-house legal, procurement, sales, Finance, and IT teams can rapidly answer critical contract questions and drive business impact without a heavy implementation or migration’ the company explained. 

Press play to watch the video inside the page. The main part of the video is the walk through, especially focusing on what can be presented in the dashboards. There is then a discussion about how this works, along with more information on pre-set NLP capabilities and training needs.

AL TV Productions. Filmed in Dec 2021.

The company added: ‘Businesses of all sizes should test features like AI-powered analytics on their own contracts in real-time before selecting a contract management system. To analyse your contracts live, you can try Evisort for free.’

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