Waisberg’s Zuva Partners With Relativity-Linked Heretik

NLP-driven contract review company Heretik, which is closely linked to eDiscovery platform Relativity, has formed a partnership with Zuva, the spin out from Kira Systems led by Noah Waisberg.

The idea is that Zuva’s Doc AI text analysis capability, which works on 1,200+ pre-trained ‘Smart Fields’, (AKA unstructured data entities…also known as ‘words’), will connect to Heretik’s contract review toolkit – including Heretik Viewer.

The company said: ‘With the integration, Heretik users now have the ability to choose from a menu of Zuva Smart Fields while running Heretik Analysis. Once selected, Heretik’s technology automates the remaining workflow by translating the selected Smart Fields into Relativity fields, creating a new coding layout, and seamlessly populating the key data points that Zuva extracts.

‘After analysis is completed, Heretik also highlights these data points in its contract viewer and hyperlinks each highlight to its corresponding field so users can simply click to navigate within each agreement.’

Zuva CEO and Co-Founder, Waisberg, added: ‘We have long been super impressed and interested with the thriving Relativity ecosystem. As such, we’re very excited that the Relativity experts at Heretik are bringing our best-in-class contract analysis AI to their platform.’

Rishi Khullar, Head of Product Management at Heretik, said: ‘This partnership has been a long time coming and is a groundbreaking advancement within the legal technology ecosystem.’

‘Combining the power of Zuva’s AI with Heretik’s review toolkit and workflows is like the ultimate ‘cheat code’ for contract review. This integration takes the absolute best of both technologies and creates a one-of-a-kind solution the market has truly never seen. We’re excited for our customers to get their hands on it to discover the potential and explore our new elevated approach to intelligent contract review.’

While readers will have heard of Zuva due to the Kira link, you may not know Heretik – although this site has covered them several times in the past. The company explains itself this way: ‘Heretik is a lightweight, deployable application that seamlessly integrates into your Relativity instance. Our contract review solution enables Relativity users to extend their favourite eDiscovery tool to corporate transaction and regulatory response use cases, enhancing best practices with minimal disruption.’

Is this a big deal? Well, the answer has to be…..we will soon see. Since forming Zuva has kept a fairly low public profile, so it’s very interesting to see them make this move. One would also bet that this is not the last partnership that the company forms in the months ahead.