Product Walk Through: Juro – The Contract Automation Platform

Juro, the all-in-one contract automation platform, is a well-known legal tech company, but do you actually know what it can do? In this week’s AL TV Product Walk Through we explore what Juro is capable of today.

We look at how it enables you to streamline the creation, execution and management of contracts, without leaving your browser.

We also look at how thanks to native electronic signature, and the three key solutions below, users can take contracts from end to end in one platform, rather than still requiring DocuSign, Word, shared drives and email, like you need in many legacy CLMs.

And here are Juro’s three key solutions:

1 – Self-serve contracts: Juro enables business teams to initiate simple contracts from templates pre-defined by legal, which link to integrated systems.

2 – Contract workflow: Juro enables higher-value 1st and 3rd party documents to go through complex approval, negotiation and signature workflows.

3 – Contract repository: Juro functions as a secure post-signature repository for 1st and 3rd party contracts – a system of record for contracts and their data.

Plus, it integrates natively with Salesforce, Slack, Greenhouse, Workday, Gmail, Google Drive and Zapier (enabling 5,000+ more integrations, they add). To find out more, get a demo.

Without further ado, let’s get to the video, with Juro’s James Boreham, VP of Sales. There is a short introduction to the platform, followed by a detailed walk through and then some Q&A with Artificial Lawyer. Enjoy.

AL TV Productions June 2022.

[ Artificial Lawyer is proud to bring you this sponsored AL TV Product Walk Through with Juro. ]