ALITA Winners from India, Hong Kong SAR + Oz ‘Reflect Pan-Regional Ecosystem’

The Asia-Pacific Legal Innovation and Technology Association (ALITA) has announced the winners of its second annual ALITA Awards at TechLaw.Fest in Singapore, with winners from India, Hong Kong SAR and Australia.

This wide range of winners ‘reflects how the geographic diversity of the Asia-Pacific legal innovation and technology ecosystem has grown over the past year,’ said the organisers.

The prize winners include:

  • ALITA Outstanding Legal Innovator (Industry) Award 2022 winner is Practice League with its Razor 365 contract management system (CMS), RazorCube Litigation Management Tool and RazorLex Practice Management software;
  • ALITA Outstanding Legal Innovator (Law Firm) Award 2022 winner is Khaitan & Co, one of India’s oldest and largest law firms, with its Continuous Collaborative Innovation Initiative; and
  • ALITA Audience Choice Award 2022 winner is Manupatra, India’s pioneering legal research tool.
  • ALITA-Ant Group Outstanding Legal Innovation/ Legal Tech For Good Award 2022 winner is Equal Justice’s Pregnant @ Work and its trilingual public legal information platform project created using no/low code tools; and
  • ALITA Outstanding Legal Innovator (Legaltech Entrant) Award 2022 winner LeapXpert and its responsible business communication platform.
  • ALITA Outstanding Legal Innovator (Individual) Award 2022 is Jodie Baker of Australia. Jodie is founder of legal department matter management tool Xakia, former chairperson of the Australian Legal Technology Association (ALTA) and co-founder of the Women of Australian Legal Technology Association (WALTA).’

In addition to the five main ALITA award winners selected by a panel of judges, the ALITA Audience Choice Award selected via online public voting, was presented via, a metaverse platform, on July 22 by two Singapore Supreme Court judges, Justice Aedit Abdullah and Justice Lee Seiu Kin, both the current and past chairs of ALITA’s Board of Advisors.

This year’s ALITA Award received 45 nominations from 15 jurisdictions, and the 2022 sponsors Ant Group, Khaitan & Co and Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas further reflects the increasing role of legal innovation and technology in China and India, the organisers added.

One of the ALITA Award judges, Mike Haven, President of CLOC and Head of Legal Operations at Intel, commented: ‘I was blown away by the quality of submissions. The outstanding, innovative work being done by these firms to enhance the efficiency and quality of their service offerings foreshadows a bright future for the legal industry.’

Another judge, Joy Heath Rush, President of the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA), said: ‘The range of countries represented in the submissions, as well as the scope of problems being addressed with technology, is truly impressive!’ 

And Brian Tang, co-chair of ALITA’s Steering Committee who is based in Hong Kong SAR, China, concluded: ‘ALITA is pleased to showcase this year’s wonderful range of outstanding legal innovators and technologists from across the Asia-Pacific region! 

‘This year, we have expanded our reach and collaborations with leading ecosystem builders across the region and the world, and we are so pleased that our longstanding relationship with TechLawFest in Singapore has allowed us to make history by hosting two supreme court judges in the metaverse for the final award ceremony!  With the rising rate of legal innovation and technology adoption and funding, the best is yet to come!’

The panel of judges included: Justice Aedit Abdullah (Singapore), Reimaging Justice’s Andrea Perry-Petersen (Australia), Legal Ops Podcast’s Elliot Leibu (Australia), Suffolk Law’s Gabriel Teninbaum (USA), ILTA’s Ginevra Saylor (Canada), ELTA’s Holger Zcheyge (Russia), ILTA’s Joy Heath Rush (USA), ACC’s Kat Kukreja (Hong Kong SAR), CAM’s Komal Gupta (India), AUSCL’s Marina Yastreboff (Australia), CLOC’s Mike Haven (USA), Oxford University’s Mimi Zou (UK), Singapore Academy of Law’s Paul Neo (Singapore) and Centre for Legal Innovation’s Terri Moreshead (Australia).

[ Photo: ALITA Outstanding Legal Innovator (Legaltech Entrant) Award winner LeapXpert representative Manoj Paradkar receiving the trophy from ALITA Awards judge and board of advisors member Paul Neo at TechLawFest in Singapore.]