Doc Auto Pioneer ContractMill Becomes ‘Ment’ in Major Rebrand

In a major rebrand, doc automation pioneer, ContractMill, has become Ment. The Finnish company hopes that the totally new name should help it to continue to expand internationally, such as in the US and UK.

This site asked Kaisa Kromhof, CEO, of the previously named ContractMill, where the new name came from. She explained: ‘It comes from docuMENT, so that there is a connection to document, but it is not limiting the product in any way now or in the future.

‘Our product is also welcomed warmly in the knowledge management area thanks to our clause library, which customers can build themselves and make accessible on a clause level or use across templates that become then centrally manageable. This is also an example of the use of Ment – not even a total document, but modules of documents. Thus Ment!’

Kromhof added that Ment is aiming to become ‘the number one no-code document automation platform in the world’. It is of course a crowded field – just ask doc auto expert Catherine Bamford – but Ment has every chance of carving out an even larger market share as use of this technology by lawyers steadily grows.

Kromhof concluded: ‘Over the past six years we have refined our product, making it one of the easiest to use and easiest to pick up document automation platforms around today. We have developed some leading technology and expect high growth in the use of our unique client-facing functionality, our Widgets, and our clause library functionality that allows the automation of playbooks.’

It’s fairly rare for a legal tech company to have a total rebrand other than after a merger or restructure. There is also the risk that you lose the goodwill associated with the old name. However, a fresh brand also can herald a new era of growth for a company and an opportunity to gain new interest. Either way, remember the name: Ment, as in document.