Welcome to the Legal Tech Speak Easy – You’re Invited!

LexisNexis, in association with Artificial Lawyer, is launching a new get-together for legal tech and innovation professionals: The Legal Tech Speak Easy. The inaugural community event will take place in London at Brasserie Blanc on Chancery Lane, Thursday 8th September, from 5PM.

This is an event just for those who work at law firms, ALSPs and inhouse, and it will be entirely off-record, with no sales pitches, hence ‘Speak Easy’.

The free and informal event will be a chance to meet your peers, share thoughts and experiences, network and make new friends at a time when many of us are still often working from home.

There will be drinks, food, and a couple of short (hopefully inspiring!) talks, but the main goal is for people to connect with those in the same field. We especially want to help people to build and rebuild those in-person links that have been hard to develop during the pandemic.

So, if you are an experienced legal innovation or legal ops expert and would like to catch up with old friends and peers, or if you are perhaps new to this world and would like to be part of the wider legal tech and innovation community, then come along to the Legal Tech Speak Easy.

It’s free and all you have to do is to register your interest.

Matthew Leopold, Head of Brand, Content and PR Marketing, LexisNexis, commented: ‘LexisNexis really looks forward to welcoming senior tech and innovation leaders from the legal industry to our inaugural Legal Tech Speak Easy. There will be no sales pitch – the Speak Easy is all about getting the senior tech leaders in the law together to meet, laugh, network and, thanks to Artificial Lawyer’s Richard Tromans, hopefully be inspired to discuss some of the biggest challenges of the industry.’

We hope to see you all there on Thursday, 8th September, at Brasserie Blanc on Chancery Lane, from 5PM.

Please register your interest here.

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