Product Walk Through: Clarilis – Pre-Automated Contract Solutions

Many of you will have heard of Clarilis, which combines document automation with a fully-managed, lawyer-led service, and which tends to focus on complex use cases. But they also produce off the shelf ‘standardised pre-automated solutions’ based on what they describe as gold-standard content, and which the company explained are fully maintained and can offer economies of scale.

In this short video, Paul Dansey, Acting Chief Marketing Officer at Clarilis, takes us through a whirlwind demonstration of some of the Clarilis pre-automated solutions, namely:

  • For Corporate – Clarilis and FromCounsel M&A and Share Reorganisation suites,
  • For Real Estate – Clarilis Model Commercial Lease solution,
  • For Banking and Finance – Clarilis Facilities Agreements automations.
AL TV Productions, Dec 2022.

You can find more information about Clarilis and pre-automated contracts here.

[ This is a sponsored AL TV video with Clarilis. ]