Integra Ecosystem: 2023 Cohort #1

By David Fisher, Founder, Integra Ledger.

This is the final instalment in a four-part series that explains the Integra Ledger ecosystem for universal document and contract automation.

Here are the links to the FIRST, SECOND, and THIRD instalments in this series.

The era of universal document and contract automation is arriving.

Integra Ecosystem technology will accelerate the proliferation and adoption of industry standards by digitally linking the standards to the documents themselves via document credentials, rather than abstracting them to the enterprise software the manages them. A great example of this is the Standards Advancement for the Legal Industry (SALI) Alliance. Using Integra Ecosystem technology, SALI tags for matters and documents can be bound directly to the documents themselves using document credentials, creating an exciting new automation where documents will automatically configure any DMS system that has been upgraded to query document credentials. No need to integrate software between organizations. The intelligence will move with the documents.

This pattern of binding authenticated information about standards, identity, structure, and schema directly to documents via their document credentials can be applied to projects such as Claustack, The Chancery Lane Project, UK Legal Schema, and dozens of others, in every case enabling software-agnostic automation. It’s much easier for existing software to be upgraded to query document credentials to automatically ingest information about the documents than it is to integrate software between organizations to exchange the same information.

It works for commercial standards as well, such as the catalogue of standard Fannie Mae mortgage contracts in the U.S., industry standard securities contracts, and myriad government forms and filings. One of the most exciting applications is to bind ESG reporting data mandated by government jurisdictions to contracts via document credentials, and it will be an easy way to universalize ESG data collection and reporting. If contracts are digitally linked to their associated ESG data, then any software can be upgraded to instantly ingest, query, and analyze them.

Hogan Lovells and BNP Paribas Real Estate were the first major organizations to embrace Integra Ecosystem technology in early 2022. (See: Hogan Lovells launches the first ecosystem-scale technology platform to deliver transaction efficiencies for clients). Beginning on January 1, 2023, we will welcome the next cohort of law firms, corporations, service providers, and software companies from around the world to begin learning, developing, and deploying integrations and applications using the tools and technology of Integra Ecosystem.

Members of the cohort will have access to:

Host nodes of the Integra Ledger and Integra Identity blockchains

  • On premise, private cloud, or public cloud
  • Enterprise blockchain – no cryptocurrency

Integra Wallet for Document Credentials

  • Custom-branded mobile app
  • Mobile, desktop, browser, and enterprise versions
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory for credential issuance

Integra Workbench

  • Experiment with Integra smart document technologies in a sandbox environment.
  • Experiment with binding SALI tags and other standards to documents.
  • Convert existing documents into authenticated, computable documents.
  • Use document credentials to link document sets so that they maintain referential integrity even if they are moved to different organizations or software applications.

Integra Universal Document Encryption

  • Encrypt any document from any Integra Wallet
  • Complete document encryption (not just password protection)
  • Selective encryption with access controls lists

Blockchain + Machine Learning Sandbox

  • Experiment with technology to add document credentials and automation to millions of legacy documents in your existing systems.
  • Make Integra Ecosystem technology backward compatible with any document already in existence.
  • Examples: an insurance company could add document credentials to millions of legacy insurance contracts and documents with document credentials, a real estate company could do the same for an office building or an entire portfolio of properties, and a bank could do it for entire loan portfolios.

Rapid Software Integration Support

  • Work with Integra developers to build connectors to your existing software in a sandbox or production environment.

Rapid Prototyping Support

  • Collaborate with Integra developers to create new, never-before-seen types of functionality and cross-organizational automations leveraging Integra Ecosystem technologies.

Collaborative Client Innovation

  • All organizations in the cohort can invite major clients and vendors to collaborate in testing and rapid prototyping of cross-organizational automations with hands-on support from Integra experts.

Our work to develop Integra Ecosystem during the past five years has solved one of the most intractable “collective action problems” in the legal industry – the proliferation of siloed information, competing standards, incompatible systems, and costly complexity. With Integra, you keep your documents private where they are now, and you keep using the software you already use. Adding authenticated credentials to your documents enables them to move beyond the boundaries of your organization with digitally linked standards, permissioning, provenance, and the ability to be universally automated into the software of the receiving organization.

We invite your organization to get hands-on experience with the exciting new technology of document credentials. Learn, develop, and collaborate with peer organizations to universalize document and contract automation. Please contact me for more details on how to join 2023 Cohort #1 (David Fisher, CEO, Upon Richard’s return in 2024, we look forward to highlighting a full year of exciting new innovations, collaborations, and inventions by readers of Artificial Lawyer.

About the author: David Fisher is the founder of Integra Ledger, ‘the blockchain for law’, as well as the founder of the Global Legal Hackathon, which is the largest legal innovation event in the world.

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