See You In San Francisco! Legal Innovators Starts on Wednesday

The Legal Innovators California (LIC) conference starts on Wednesday, June 7th (law firms and ALSPs) and continues on Thursday, June 8th (inhouse and legal ops). So, what can you expect?

Fundamentally it’s all about free-thinkers at the cutting edge of legal innovation coming together to share their views, their first-hand experiences of what’s happening, what works, what doesn’t, and those same people asking each other questions to take the discussion deeper so that we can all learn new approaches that can help us in our jobs in this ever-evolving sector.

LIC is about advancing the delivery of legal services and there are many key elements to this. For example, standardization will be vital to driving efficiency, so too the input of ALSPs which are providing legal services in more flexible and specialised ways, and of course generative AI – which in effect is another form of automation of legal tasks – will join a range of existing technologies that are all trying to do the same thing: allow lawyers and their clients to get to the desired outcome in a more logical way where less resources are needed to get to the same or better result compared to a more manual approach. And it’s about where legal innovation teams are heading inside law firms and what the key challenges now are for legal ops.

It’s also about bringing people together who want to explore the frontier and consider the future, but also ground their views in real experience on the front line of legal innovation, whether that is in a law firm or inhouse or in an ALSP or at a legal tech company. It’s an ecosystem, and we are all part of it, and we are all connected.

So, we have plenty of great speakers from across the sector. From generative AI experts such as Dan Katz at 273 Ventures, to standardisation pioneers such as Todd Smithline at Bonterms, to well-known legal innovation experts at major firms such as David Wang at Wilson Sonsini, as well as Rawia Ashraf, VP Product at Thomson Reuters, Jake Heller, CEO of Casetext, Carla Swansburg, CEO of ClearyX, Erica Duffy, Senior Director at Salesforce, Marie Widmer, Legal Ops Manager at Hubspot, Andrew Moffett, Legal Tech Product Lead at Wayfair, and many, many more. ‘Access to Justice Tech’ is also part of the wider picture and Maya Markovich at Village Capital will be speaking about that. (See full list of speakers on both days here).

That is just a sample of the speakers and attendees who will be there over the two days in San Francisco. There will also be plenty of legal tech companies and ALSPs taking part (see below). And of course there are going to be many, many attendees over the two days.

All in all, it will be a great opportunity to learn, share and network with people from across the legal innovation ecosystem at a time when understanding what’s happening and how to apply realistic change to one’s business has never been more important. The world is moving ahead rapidly now and Legal Innovators California is happening just at the right time to help everyone to figure things out and meet some of those who are driving things forward.

That’s it from me for now. I am flying to San Francisco on Sunday and will be in the city all week. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone! In fact, this is the first legal tech event I have attended since starting my sabbatical. There will be a lot to talk about and much to learn! I am really looking forward to it.

Many of you reading this will probably already have tickets, but if you don’t…..then to book your place at Legal Innovators California in San Francisco on June 7 and 8, please see the ticket page here.

For general information about the event, please see here.

See you in San Francisco!

Richard Tromans, Founder, Artificial Lawyer and Conference Chair.