Webinar – Generative AI: The End of Lawyers or a New Era?

On July 11th at 10AM PDT (6PM UK time) legal AI expert and legal tech founder Daniel Lewis will be in conversation with myself, Richard Tromans of Artificial Lawyer, for this special webinar on the subject of: Will AI bring the end for lawyers or a new era in legal practice?

The idea for the webinar was inspired by the Artificial Lawyer article ‘The End of Lawyers? Not Yet’ which explored why the new wave of generative AI may seem to threaten massive job losses (and perhaps create many new roles), but the reality is that the legal sector’s time-based economic model places significant challenges in the way of such change – at least for lawyers. After reading this piece Daniel reached out to Artificial Lawyer and suggested we hold a discussion to explore these themes – I agreed, because even if I am on sabbatical this is an opportunity to address key issues with someone who has really experienced first-hand the real impact and benefits of legal AI.

In 2012 Daniel launched one of the first legal AI companies, RAVEL, which had a focus on litigation analytics. The startup was then bought by the giant LexisNexis in 2017 and there he had the senior role of VP and GM – Practical Guidance and Analytics. In October 2022 he joined another legal AI company as its US CEO, this time LegalOn, which focuses on using AI (both ‘traditional’ NLP and LLM approaches) for contract review. In short, he’s got a lot of informed insight into this subject.

So here we go. It’s free, live and all are invited – see link here to register. Plus we’re both looking forward to your questions.

We’ll explore AI’s opportunities and challenges, including the potential benefits of AI tools, which can expedite time-consuming tasks and reduce human error. However, as AI takes on more sophisticated work, some are concerned about the potential displacement of lawyers. This webinar will discuss this concern head-on and provide a nuanced perspective on the impact of AI on law firms and in-house lawyers.

Topics will include:

  • Current and future use cases for AI (both NLP and generative), including summarization, drafting, and review
  • Can AI empower in-house teams to bring more work and value in-house?
  • Will law firms’ billable hour model prevent adoption, and will that change?
  • How can lawyers future-proof their careers and leverage AI to augment their skills to deliver more value?

The session will end with a live Q&A so you can get your questions answered. 

Register today and gain valuable insights into the evolving legal landscape and how AI might shape its future.

[ Note: this webinar is organised and hosted by LegalOn in the US, and Artificial Lawyer’s Richard Tromans is appearing as a guest speaker. ]