Checkbox Launches Legal Services Hub – Intake, Workflow + GenAI Combo

Checkbox, the legal intake and workflow automation platform, has a launched a ‘Legal Services Hub’ for in-house teams to manage all their work from intake to reporting.

Most departments have their own overall tech system, e.g. CRM, but ‘the legal department lacks its own dedicated management system’ the company said.

‘To date, the current landscape of legal operations is characterized by a manual and decentralized approach to handling legal work. The entire or parts of the intake, triage and matter management process is being done manually or offline, where the lack of automated data capture makes it impossible to measure and communicate legal impact. This lack of a single source of truth is compounded by issues of ad hoc, unstructured requests, unfocused resources and communication inefficiencies,’ they added.

Hence, there’s a pressing need for a dedicated ‘Legal Services Hub’ that allows legal teams to capture, service and report on all work coming into the department, the company concluded.

Evan Wong, CEO and Co-founder of Checkbox, said: ‘We found that legal teams seeking better efficiency and visibility over work needed both legal intake and automation. So, we brought the two together to create the Legal Services Hub.’

And here are some key features, via the company:‍

• ‘AI Legal Chatbot: Automatically respond and route requests based on your company policies and playbooks.

• Flexible Intake: Capture requests wherever the business is on email, Slack, Teams, Salesforce, forms, and more.

• Automatic Matter Creation & Triage: Automatically create matters, populating key details and routing to the relevant workflow, process or person.

• Contract Lifecycle Management: Automate the contract lifecycle from intake and generation, through to approval, execution and renewal.

• Workflow Automation: Streamline manual processes, tasks and communications between people, systems and data.

• Request Tracking: Get a view across all matters with linked statuses, documents, emails, tasks, approvals and conversations.

• Dashboards & Analytics: Gain insight key metrics and trends for matter volume, status and type.’

So, there you go. It does a lot! The company already works with Pinterest, Xero, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners and BMW.

[ Note: this is a breaking news announcement, AL will do a deeper dive with Checkbox in another article. ]