Where Are We Now With GenAI? Legal Innovators Preview Discussion

Where are we now with GenAI, what impact has it had so far, and where are we heading? Those were some of the questions Daniel Lewis, US CEO of LegalOn, and Richard Tromans of Artificial Lawyer, discussed in this video ahead of the Legal Innovators California conference, taking place on June 4 + 5.

We explored, among other things:

  • Real World Impact vs. Experiments: Have we moved beyond experimental uses of GenAI in legal contexts?
  • Impact on Legal Economics: As law firms and in-house legal teams adopt GenAI tools, how has this begun to change the pricing and delivery of legal services?
  • Navigating Change: How are legal teams and firms adapting to the integration of GenAI amidst historical resistance?
  • Future Outlook: Reflecting on the first year of GenAI’s integration into legal practices, we’ll examine its initial impacts, lessons learned, and what future developments we might anticipate.

There’s also plenty about a truly connected GenAI approach……..to have a listen, please press play.

Video by LegalOn, 2024.

Also, as mentioned, this discussion comes ahead of the Legal Innovators California conference, June 4 + 5 – San Francisco – which LegalOn is sponsoring and speaking at.

The new wave of legal AI and how it will change the inhouse sector will be central to the Legal Innovators California conference, Jun 4 + 5. 

The event will take place in San Francisco with Day One focused on law firms, and Day Two on inhouse and legal ops. We have many great speakers attending the event, along with a group of pioneering legal tech companies and service providers – you can see some more about our speakers here.

For ticket information, please see here. Don’t miss out on what will be a great event in the heart of America’s tech world.