Epiq Leverages AWS For Bespoke AI Client Needs

Epiq’s Service Cloud and Epiq Discovery solutions will now have new AI functionality and analytics features derived from AWS’s AI offering.

Those features include:

A framework for building, training, and deploying bespoke machine learning models as secure APIs for customers.

E.g. A law firm might want a custom AI model to identify inbound email with threatening language. Epiq can build that AI model in AWS Sagemaker, import it into the Epiq AI Platform for secure and scalable management and integration, and build the connection to the corporate email system for real-time analysis.

Integration of Amazon Bedrock for custom copilot development within the Epiq AI platform. And you may ask, what is Amazon Bedrock? It’s a fully managed service that offers a choice of GenAI foundation models (FMs) from AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Cohere, Meta, Mistral AI, Stability AI, via a single API.

E.g. Since there isn’t one perfect generative AI foundational model that will work for every organization in every situation, this allows Epiq to extend the scope of Large Language Models they support. This type of flexible support also allows Epiq to stay abreast of the ever-evolving scope of available LLMs.

Plus, a secure, cloud-native application for feature upgrades using Amazon Elastic Container Service and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, and data analysis and chatbot enhancements.

Overall, Epiq now leverages multiple AWS services: including Amazon Translate, a text translation service that uses advanced machine learning technologies to provide high-quality translation on demand; Amazon Transcribe, an automatic speech recognition (ASR) service that makes it easy for developers to add speech to text capability to their applications; and Amazon Comprehend, a natural-language processing (NLP) service that uses machine learning to uncover valuable insights and connections in text. 

Also in March the company announced Epiq Service Cloud clients can now use integrated Microsoft AI capabilities to transform their businesses with legal intelligence and data-driven decision-making as well.

Doug Mazlish, Senior Vice President of Global Strategic Alliances for Epiq Legal Solutions, said: ‘The Epiq and AWS teams have collaborated for years on developing Epiq Discovery within the Epiq Service Cloud.

‘We continue to develop solutions using AWS’s AI capabilities to serve our global client base of corporate legal departments and law firms. Working with AWS assures our clients of our commitment to provide high-quality legal solutions and best-of-breed technologies.’

Is this a big deal?

It’s certainly a necessary development. Epiq is a large and complex business, including legal experts, as well as tech. They are able to streamline the administration of business operations, class actions, and handle mass tort, court reporting, eDiscovery, regulatory, compliance, restructuring, and bankruptcy matters.

In short, they’re working on a mass of volume needs for clients. GenAI is going to become part of this one way or another, so they had to do this. Working with a partner they know well and where they have flexibility to tap different LLMs as needed, gives both them and the clients options when building this capability into existing or new workflows.

Given Epiq’s scale and reach, this is just the beginning of the genAI-ization of its product and service offering, and it will be going on for a long time to come. So, overall 1) this is necessary and 2) this looks like a solid foundation from which to achieve their developing goals.