LexisNexis Launches ‘Second-Generation’ Upgrade Of Its AI Assistant

LexisNexis has launched a ‘second-generation’ upgrade for its legal generative AI Assistant Lexis+ AI.

The legal tech giant said that: ‘Utilizing continuous user feedback, the next-level AI Assistant delivers an increasingly personalized experience to support legal professionals.’

Recently launched and upcoming enhancements include:

  • Faster Delivery of Results – AI-generated answers will now be delivered word-by-word for a faster, more conversational experience. The AI Assistant returns trusted results backed by verifiable authority two times faster than the nearest competitor
  • Enhanced Multi-Turn Conversation Capability – Contextual prompt conversations with the AI Assistant have been increased from a limit of five interactions to ten, helping users gain deeper insights and refine generative AI answers.
  • Conversational Guidance for Drafting – Providing tailored, step-by-step recommendations that anticipate questions and guide users to leverage answers directly in drafting work including emails, letters, arguments, clauses, and memos.
  • Added Delivery Options – Expanding Lexis+ AI capabilities with new delivery options for conversations including Email, Download, and Print.  
  • AI-Generated Statute Summaries – Providing the first legal market generative AI-powered summaries across U.S. federal and state statutes. Also available to the public via the LexisNexis U.S. Voting Laws & Legislation Center as a part of the company’s work to support transparency of law.
  • Increased Document Upload Capacity – Enabling users to analyze and summarize larger documents, now up to 400,000 characters per request (approximately 150 pages per document).
  • Improved User Experience – Refining the user experience with improved readability, ease-of-use, and aesthetic updates, including support to easily deliver and share Lexis+ AI output.

All features will be available to customers by early May.

‘Our vision is for every legal professional worldwide to have a virtual AI Assistant that is specifically trained and customized to their needs,’ said Sean Fitzpatrick, CEO of LexisNexis North America, UK, and Ireland. ‘We’re working with our customers every step of the way to rapidly deliver AI innovations that enable them to work at peak performance and unlock new opportunities that generate value for their organizations.’

Since launching in the US in October 2023, Lexis+ AI has expanded internationally into the U.K., Canada, France, and Australia; the U.S. version of Lexis+ AI is available to customers in the Middle East, Japan, and Korea.

So, there you go. Expect a response soon enough from Thomson Reuters….

(P.S. image shows a real life example of a lawyer choosing between CoCounsel and Lexis+ AI. )