Juristic Bags $1m to Help Structure Legal Work

Danish legal tech startup, Juristic, has gained a $1m investment. It’s focused on handling timelines, structuring tools, and interactive task management for lawyers to form an ‘intuitive digital toolbox with a focus on output and document automation’, with a strong visual element.

The company stated that their system has three main parts:

  • a digital whiteboard (Structure),
  • an interactive timeline (Timeline),
  • and a legal task management system (Flow) – which in combination with your CMS, KMS, or DMS will create value across practice areas. 

The platform can be supplemented with legal AI when it is needed by the law firm or end user, but for Juristic, the key objective is to bring the advanced technology closer to the way legal issues are approached today, they added.

Here’s some more info on what they do:

A quick view of the visual aspect, presumably ‘Structure’.
Some of the features.

And, not sure if it’s just AL seeing this, but it definitely feels like there is a surge of new legal tech startups coming to market now, many of which got started since 2022. Also, there seem to be plenty coming from across Europe. And that’s great to see. Also interesting to see the use of a more visual approach, an area where we have already seen pioneers such as Structure Flow in the UK.

The company also said they’d be using some of the money to expand across Scandinavia and further afield. This, they noted, was after a 7x of their revenue in 2023. The company also expanded their customer and user base to five countries during the year and are hoping to at least double this during the next 12 months.

The round included Ugly Duckling Ventures and Jonatan Hjortdal who joined the existing investor group, consisting of – among others – law firm partner, investor and serial entrepreneur Jens Bang Liebst, who has founded multiple legal tech companies.

Christian Hjortshøj, LL.M. and co-founder of Juristic, said: ‘We are thrilled to have secured this investment, which will empower us to and continue driving innovation in the legal industry. With the support of such a strong team of investors, we are confident in our ability to continue delivering exceptional value to our customers and their clients.’

Rune Hven-Jensen, Co-Founder and GP in Ugly Duckling Ventures, which invested, added: ‘From the first meeting and all through-out a meticulous and well-executed due diligence process, Juristic showed us an incredible technology that has the potential to expand across borders – without restrictions due to jurisdictions or language. In other words, it can be used by anyone and has the potential to drive a true paradigm shift in the approach to legal tech!’