Ayora Product Walk Through – Turning Lawyer Work Data Into Profits

ayora is on a mission to address a ‘$36bn value gap in the Big Law industry by empowering lawyers as P&L owners’, in effect collecting and leveraging legal work data using AI to help drive profitability. Artificial Lawyer caught up with Stefan Ciesla, CEO, and Gordon McKenzie, CTO, to find out how it all works.

Below is the AL TV Product Walk Through, with McKenzie doing the presentation. Please press play. The walk through is followed by Q&A.

AL TV Productions, 2024

And here is some more about the company which in March 2024, announced its $1.6m pre-seed round led by J12.

‘In big firms, every senior lawyer effectively runs their own practice, but to date, they have lacked modern tools to effectively manage that aspect of their role,’ the company explained.

‘Our AI assistant shifts that paradigm and helps lawyers avoid unnecessary fee discounts and delays to getting paid. It does that by delivering hyper-actionable matter-level insights, straight to the lawyer’s inbox.

‘ayora generates its insights from the firm’s timesheet and billing records, turning the firm’s underlying process data into a profit centre. Our ultimate ambition is to enable lawyers to focus on their core mission, while helping their firms improve utilisation and realisation, and speed up cash conversion.’

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Legal Innovators California – Startup Gallery – June 4 and 5, San Francisco

Legal Innovators California, the landmark legal tech conference in San Francisco on June 4 and 5, brings together private practice and in-house professionals who are actively shaping the legal innovation landscape.

This year, we are introducing a new aspect to the two-day program: the Start-Up Gallery. 

This initiative provides early-stage startups with a platform to set out what their product can do and what their vision is, in front of an audience that is eager to hear about the latest innovations.

As well as experts from leading law firms and inhouse legal teams, in attendance will be three renowned tech investment experts:

  • Cary Burch, Founding Partner, President and CEO, Bryce Catalyst
  • Gabriela Isturiz, General Partner, The Fund XX
  • And, Zach Abramowitz, legal tech investor and advisor, Killer Whale Strategies.

If your startup would like to know more and take part, or if you are now a scale-up or much larger company and would like to take part in the conference, then please contact, Craigcraig@cosmonauts.biz 

Plus, to secure your seat at the conference as a whole, then please see Tickets here.

For more information about the two-day conference in San Francisco, June 4 and 5, such as who else will be speaking and the agenda, then please see here.