LegalOn Launches Microsoft Word Add-In for AI Contract Review

LegalOn Technologies has launched a Microsoft Word add-in to help legal professionals find and fix contract risks, summarize documents, and draft new language, all in the place where they live: Microsoft Word. It also will soon be integrating with the genAI Copilot offering in Microsoft Teams.

The capability, called LegalOn Contract AI, helps lawyers ‘review contracts up to 85% faster’ the company said.

And you can learn more about it at the Legal Innovators California conference in San Francisco, June 4 and 5 (see more info below about the landmark event).

The add-in includes AI contract review playbooks built by the company’s experienced attorneys. These AI playbooks take ‘just seconds to screen an entire contract for hundreds of risks, thoroughly alert to key issues, and provide preferred language and guidance’ they said.

They added that this will also include LegalOn Assistant, a secure, private AI that can answer questions about contracts, summarize documents and clauses, draft new language, and check for defined terms.

Daniel Lewis, CEO of LegalOn Technologies, said: ‘We built this add-in for legal professionals who want to save time reviewing contracts and prefer to work in Word.

‘With LegalOn, you can start reviewing contracts quickly and confidently knowing that our AI is built on real legal knowledge. And, you can do it right now in Word, which is likely already open on your computer.”

Plus, for everyone who follows data issues, LegalOn highlighted that they secured professional-grade data privacy protections from Microsoft Azure for use of GPT AI technology starting in 2023. These protections ensure that no customer data is used to train, retrain, or improve any AI models provided via Microsoft, and that no customer data is stored by Microsoft for any period of time, even for their default abuse monitoring and debugging purposes.

All well and good! As noted, you can learn more about this new capability at the Legal Innovators California conference in San Francisco in June 4 and 5.

Legal Innovators California conference, June 4 + 5 – San Francisco

The new wave of legal AI and how it will change our sector will be central to the Legal Innovators California conference, Jun 4 + 5. 

The event will take place in San Francisco with Day One focused on law firms, and Day Two on inhouse and legal ops. We have many great speakers attending the event, along with a group of pioneering legal tech companies and service providers – you can see some more about our speakers here. It will be two great days of education and inspiration! Join us! 

For ticket information, please see here. Don’t miss out on what will be a great event.