Coheso Aims to Revolutionize Inhouse Legal Intake + Task Management

Coheso, the new genAI-powered legal intake and inhouse work management platform, has formally launched. It will be on show at the Legal Innovators California conference in San Francisco on June 4 and 5 (see more info below).

Co-founders Ned Gannon, Manish Agnihotri, Chirag Mehta, and Aditya Rathod have spent the last year working on how to leverage genAI to build their platform. Gannon was previously the co-founder of eBrevia, one of the first legal AI contract review companies – see the full interview with him in the next AL article.

Although they won’t reveal the figure, they already have funding from Crew Capital, Character, and Firsthand Alliance, as well as Carnegie Mellon University and angel investors such as Thomas Barothy, former Group Legal Chief Operating Officer at UBS – which is impressive given they are only now just launching. That support in large part is related to the team (see below).

The founders’ central idea is that corporates have plenty of tech to help across many departments, but legal ops and inhouse teams still don’t have the type of intake and task management tools they really need – or perhaps that the company needs them to have to help the wider business. They added that when 54% of legal department spending is staying in-house, which is up from 40% a decade ago, this really matters more than ever before.

All good, but what does it do?

Coheso empowers legal and compliance teams to run more streamlined operations, including 25%-70% faster attorney responses, with heightened productivity and data visibility, they said.

This results in more consistent adherence to legal and compliance standards throughout the organization, and attorneys who are no longer bogged down by requests that are routine, repetitive, or more appropriate for another department, they said.

But how?

The Coheso platform enables business users to submit questions and requests to legal and compliance teams either through the Coheso interface or other platforms already in use at the organization, such as Slack and Outlook.

For questions that can be answered based on the company’s policies, contracts, or other documentation, the system’s AI provides immediate responses, together with evidence from the respective documents, either directly back to the business users or to legal / compliance personnel for review and approval.

For more complex requests, the system gathers the required information before prioritizing, delegating, and tracking accordingly, while also accelerating legal work product generation.

CEO, Gannon, said: ‘I’ve seen the challenge we’re focused on from both the legal and business sides.’

‘As an attorney, I often felt pressure to generate work product more quickly while constantly getting distracted by routine and repetitive requests. As someone in charge of a P&L on the business side, I saw how friction in legal could impact business velocity and revenue. Cohesoʼs platform empowers legal and compliance departments to create significantly more value for the business units they serve.’


The Team:

Gannon, Cohesoʼs CEO, is a successful serial legal tech entrepreneur, corporate attorney, and Harvard Law graduate. He previously co-founded AI-powered contract analytics pioneer eBrevia and served as CEO from inception through its acquisition by public company DFIN in 2018. Post-acquisition, he was President of DFINʼs eBrevia subsidiary before leaving to start Coheso.

Agnihotri, Coheso’s COO & Chief Innovation Officer, has a background in fine-tuning, evaluation, and explainability of LLMs within the legal domain. Previously, he worked as an ML Engineer, developing Zycus’s CLM offering.

Mehta, Coheso’s Chief Product Officer, led the charge for the Advanced Analytics team at HP’s Global Customer Support division, enhancing service delivery for over 30 million customer interactions annually.

Rathod, Coheso’s Chief Technology Officer, spearheaded the development of legal tech solutions for contract drafting and review at ValueLabs. With a focus on domain-specific training and evaluation, Rathod specializes in optimizing LLM performance within the legal domain.

Rounding out Cohesoʼs leadership team is Jason Schachter, Chief Strategy Officer. A Harvard Law graduate, he was previously VP, Strategy & Operations at eBrevia and a finance attorney at Davis Polk & Wardwell.

Legal Innovators California conference, June 4 + 5 – San Francisco

The new wave of legal AI and how it will change our sector will be central to the Legal Innovators California conference, Jun 4 + 5. 

The event will take place in San Francisco with Day One focused on law firms, and Day Two on inhouse and legal ops. We have many great speakers attending the event, along with a group of pioneering legal tech companies and service providers – you can see some more about our speakers here. It will be two great days of education and inspiration! Join us! 

For ticket information, please see here. Don’t miss out on what will be a great event.