Legal Economics

Legal Bills, Technology and the Weak Buyer Problem

11th September 2018 artificiallawyer 1

‘Legal departments are no longer places where people can say ‘I have to spend this money’. They have to have a budget and work to it,’ says Wenzel.
‘And the way to start [with financial management] is with collecting data. It is all about quantitative data,’ he adds.

Smart Contract Adoption

What the Rocket Lawyer/OpenLaw Smart Contract Deal Means

7th September 2018 artificiallawyer 10

In what is the most significant sign yet of wide-scale adoption of the technology, online consumer law company, Rocket Lawyer, announced yesterday that it will be partnering with smart contract pioneer OpenLaw and blockchain developer ConsenSys, to roll out a variety of blockchain-based applications, starting off with a ‘Rocket Wallet’ to link to the Ethereum blockchain.


The Power of Sharing: ILTACon 2018

7th September 2018 artificiallawyer 1

For a conference firmly rooted in AI, blockchain and all things legal tech, I was surprised that the focus of ILTACON 2018 was predominantly human. Human successes, human failures, and human communities in this evolving world of legal tech.