Divorce Bot Launches, a Family Law Legal Bot

LawBot, the legal chat bot providing criminal law guidance has now launched its second initiative, Divorce Bot.

LawBot was created by a team of Cambridge University law students, Ludwig Bull, Rebecca Agliolo, Nadia Abdul and Jozef Maruscak. The move into divorce and family law is their first venture outside of criminal law.

Divorce Bot then provides a comprehensive breakdown of the divorce process, so people know exactly what to expect even before they talk to a lawyer.

It also gives a breakdown of the costs and forms needed (in the English legal system), so people don’t have to wade through the internet on their own. This allows a person who is facing a breakup to then approach a divorce lawyer in a much better informed state and to have a better understanding of what a divorce may entail.

Several of these additional details come in the form of an emailed readout that is sent to you after you complete your discussion with Divorce Bot.