‘A Beginner’s Guide to Legal AI’

TromansConsulting in Association with Thomson Reuters

Artificial Intelligence and the law, or legal AI, can sometimes need a little organising as a subject. This succinct White Paper, ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Legal AI’, sets out the key structure of the legal AI market and notes some of main characteristics of the three main branches of this growing sector.

While readers may be up to date with the latest news on legal AI, an overview that sets out the ‘big picture’ may hopefully still be of use. The following report, (download here) was produced by TromansConsulting in association with Thomson Reuters

Areas covered include:

Market Map of Legal AI, TromansConsulting, 2017
  • Contract review
  • Structure of contract analysis market
  • Legal data research
  • Knowledge systems
  • Predictive systems
  • Intelligent interfaces
  • Triage services
  • Legal bots