Legal AI Co. Seal Strikes Deal with Dutch LPO

US-based legal AI company Seal Software, which focuses on contract discovery and document analytics, has today announced a deal with Dutch LPO and hybrid law firm, the ROOM.

The move is doubly interesting as it is another example of an LPO/alternative legal provider teaming up with an AI/machine learning company to provide a more efficient and less manual service to clients.

In January, US LPO, Exigent, teamed up with legal data analysis specialists, LexPredict. Meanwhile, Canada-based legal AI company, Kira Systems, this June launched a Certified Service Provider Program, with several alternative legal services providers including, Axiom, Cognia Law and Elevate.

This is also a further step forward for AI in continental Europe and the Netherlands in particular. More recently both RAVN and Luminance have made headway in Holland.

The transaction-focused LPO also provides data room services and legal services and will be using Seal to improve contract review. Using Seal’s solutions, the ROOM hopes to provide a more efficient, faster and more accurate outcome for its clients.

Jeroen Kruithof, founder and CCO of the ROOM, said in a statement: ‘We have invested in developing our own IP in Seal to support our business including working on specific extraction policies and Seal’s capabilities to work with the Dutch language.’

‘We are now in a position where our team of senior lawyers and process specialists, together with Seal, can help our clients review contracts, identify key issues in both Dutch and English language contracts with greater accuracy and in less time than using purely manual processes.’

Toby Hannon, VP EMEA at Seal, added: ‘The ROOM is the latest in a number of professional services firms that are realising that utilising advanced technology such as AI and machine learning helps them to differentiate from their competitors and provide a better, more cost-effective service to their clients. Far from being a threat to the industry, this technology is set to free legal professionals from repetitive, menial tasks and allow their skills to be deployed on higher value activities.’

With 20 years’ experience in data room services and already performing standard legal tasks such as commoditised legal work for the last 10 years, the ROOM has long been a pioneer in Legal Process Outsourcing.