Global Legal Hackathon Announces Four Winners

The epic Global Legal Hackathon (GLH) finally came to a close this weekend and the winners were: Lex Lucid, Decoding Law, RightsNOW and Revealu.

The four winners included commercial and A2J applications:

Lex Lucid – Denver, USA, is an online community for attorneys to review consumer contracts online, enabling consumers to make educated decisions about the products and services they use, and encouraging businesses to make their contracts fair.

Decoding Law – Hong Kong, China, is a machine learning powered browser plugin that helps people read and understand legislation. It (1) finds people the relevant section(s) of legislation by identifying keywords in their questions, (2) explains defined terms for easier navigation and (3) breaks down complex legislative drafting into simple language, which is particularly useful to unrepresented litigants.

RightsNOW – New York, USA, gives you timely, trustworthy, consistent, and conversational access to legal information via voice.

Revealu (Closers) – Budapest, Hungary, makes it super-simple to request your GDPR data from providers such as Google, Facebook or anyone else.

Speaking to Artificial Lawyer, the RightsNOW team created by Zeke Hughes and Maximilian Paterson, said: ‘It was a terrific evening, and there was a great legal tech buzz around the room the entire night.’

In addition to being one of the GLH winners of the A2J category, they also won the Wolters Kluwer Biggest Global Impact Award.

The RightsNOW team, Zeke Hughes and Maximilian Paterson, with Wolters Kluwer award.

‘Overall, the win is a great validation of RightsNOW as a product, but also to the larger concept that the combination of law and tech can provide new entry points to accessing justice,’ they added.

‘We were also blown away by the quality and caliber of the other groups and the passion that was evident in each of the 14 presentations. The ultimate win was having a chance to do some community building and network with like-minded lawyers and technologists from around the globe. We’re really grateful to all of the GLH organizers and sponsors who make the entire event possible and look forward to its inevitable growth and continued success in 2019,’ the winning pair concluded.

Meanwhile co-organiser of the GLH2018, Aileen Schultz, told Artificial Lawyer: ‘All teams worked incredibly hard throughout these past months, and are a testament to the drive and talent in the industry waiting to be unleashed.’

‘Beyond the annual hackathon, we have to ask ourselves how we can substantiate what has unfolded in the past few months; how can we take this energy and propel it toward real change. We ask the global industry to help us carve out this future of the Global Legal Hackathon, because what happened here certainly wasn’t final; there’s a whole lot more to come,’ she added.

It’s certainly been an exciting ride that has brought together many people from across the world and enthused them with the potential for legal technology to really make a difference in people’s lives. And it all kicked off back in December 2017, when Artificial Lawyer was the first to announce the event.

It’s been great to see what can be done, and the level of enthusiasm and participation around the world is a testament to just how much interest there really is in leveraging technology in the legal world.

Congratulations to the winners, the runners up and all who took part! And a last word: congratulations to co-organisers David Fisher and Aileen Schultz, who got this off the ground and turned it into a global success from a standing start in just five months. That is an incredible achievement. It just shows what can be done if you really want to make something happen. Well done, and looking forward to GLH2019 already!

The judges for the final, included: George Beaton, the well-known Australian ‘NewLaw’ evangelist; Michał Paprocki, the General Manager at ING Tech Poland; Esther Dediashvili, Legal Knowledge Manager, Head of Legal Technology Implementation at Israeli law firm, FBC & Co; Leo Elduayen, lawyer, RegTech Consultant. CoFounder & COO at Koibanx; and Wendy Callaghan, Associate General Counsel and Head of AIG’s Innovation Legal Group.

Video pitches of three of the four winners can be watched below:

[ Full disclosure: Richard Tromans, Founder, Artificial Lawyer + legal innovation consultancy, Tromans Consulting, has an occasional pro bono advisory role with RightsNow. ]