Meet PatBot – The New Personal Injury Legal Bot by LawDroid

LawDroid, the legal bot pioneer, has helped to develop a new bot with Washington State law firm, Palace Law, that helps clients gather essential information about personal injury claims in the workplace.

The objective of the bot is not to give legal advice, but instead to provide a ‘legal health check’ to make sure potential clients are not missing out on their legal rights, or to find if they have omitted key steps in the claims procedure, which most people would not be aware of.

After a detailed Q&A process the client receives information and guidance on the matter, helping them to see what they need to do next, and what legal routes may still be open to them. In short, it provides what one could call ‘justice visibility’. I.e. you can’t really have access to justice until people know what is available to them and what rights they actually have, which are often buried behind legal jargon or in statutes they have no easy access to.

As is explained below: a client cannot leverage the law if they simply don’t know about the law that relates to them and their matter, i.e. how can society expect to see an equitable legal environment when many people don’t even have a way of finding out their legal rights in detail, or what they can do about them?

(And before you say: simple, get them to ask a lawyer, remember that most people will avoid speaking to a lawyer in person because they fear that the dreaded ‘taxi meter’ will be started before they even decide to make a claim or get into the details of the matter.)

This is therefore another great example of using an automated, expert and interactive system, i.e. a legal chat bot, to provide clients with useful information that increases access to justice and also will no doubt act as a useful business development tool for Palace Law. After all, why wouldn’t you want to work with a law firm that had already been so useful to you in clarifying the legal issues around your problem and explaining the steps involved? And for free, at least at this stage of the client journey.

Artificial Lawyer has to say every law firm on the planet should be utilising outward-facing legal bots like this, just as every law firm today now has a website. Whether you are a small firm working with consumers, or a large commercial firm working with banks and corporates, legal bots are a useful tool that act as a triage mechanism and a business development platform that maintains engagement and answers standard, but important, legal queries.

An example of the PatBot interface. As you can see, it’s a Q&A format, that takes you through several steps.