Norton Rose Rolls Out ‘Parker’ the Legal Chat Bot for GDPR

Norton Rose Fulbright has launched a legal bot to help clients navigate GDPR issues in a great example of a Big Law firm placing a bot on an outward facing webpage for all to use, and no doubt to help generate new business in relation to data privacy issues.

The bot is called ‘Parker the Data Privacy Chatbot’ and you can see an example below, also check out the link here to have a go.

The law firm goes on to say: ‘If you want to find out whether the GDPR may apply to your non-EU business, chat to Parker – our GDPR chatbot.’

‘If after chatting to Parker you think that you need help with the GDPR, our privacy lawyers can assist you wherever you are located. Contact us online and one of our lawyers will reach out,’ the firm adds.

In other words this is a great business development tool and something that Artificial Lawyer has been running a mini-campaign on for some time, i.e. all firms should be using legal bots. In fact just yesterday, this site covered PatBot, designed by LawDroid, which helps people find out about their personal injury claims rights (see story here).

Much as other legal bots work, Parker goes through a relatively short Q&A routine, then leads you to make contact with the lawyers as well as offering some guidance.

Another example of the interface.

This is great to see and no doubt after some more user feedback and experimentation Parker will get even better, as it did seem to cease functioning if you deviated from the answers and format it was expecting. But this is a great start and such systems will only get better. Well done, Norton Rose!

P.S. Check out the legal disclaimer for use of the chatbot – wow. Artificial Lawyer challenges any other firm to come out with a longer legal bot disclaimer… Maybe they could introduce a disclaimer bot also…?

‘Norton Rose Fulbright Verein (the Verein) is a Swiss verein which does not itself engage in the practice of law or other business. The member firms in the Verein are Norton Rose Fulbright LLP, Norton Rose Fulbright Australia, Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP, Norton Rose Fulbright South Africa Inc and Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP (the Members or, individually, a Member), who, with their subsidiaries or associated entities, engage in a coordinated international legal practice, even though they are separate law firms each of which, absent specific contractual agreement with a client on an individual matter, is solely responsible for its own work and not for the work of any other of them.

You acknowledge, in using the chatbot (Service), that the Service has been developed by Members of Norton Rose Fulbright and in spite of the best efforts that will be made, the information forming the basis of the Service may become out of date over time. Whilst efforts will be made to ensure that the information contained in the Service (Content) is correct and up to date, the Content is of general nature only and to the maximum extent permitted by law, each Member of Norton Rose Fulbright excludes all warranties and representations as to its accuracy or usefulness and/or arising out of or in connection with access to or use of the Service. Except to the extent that liability may not be lawfully excluded, no Member of Norton Rose Fulbright is liable to you for any losses, damages, costs or expenses whatsoever (whether direct, indirect or arising from their negligence) which may arise in connection with the use of or reliance upon any Content in relation to the Service and/or arising out of or in connection with access to or use of the Service. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the total aggregate liability to you of any Norton Rose Fulbright Member in respect of any and all claims of any kind whatsoever arising whether in contract, in tort (including negligence), under any warranty or representation, under statute or otherwise under or in connection with any Content and/or arising out of or in connection with access to or use of the Service shall be limited to the higher of £5,000 and the minimum liability we are required to assume under law in respect of the relevant Content.

The Service is provided for information purposes only and does not contain a full analysis of the law in any jurisdiction, nor constitute legal or other professional advice, nor a legal opinion of any Norton Rose Fulbright Member, and you should not rely on it as a complete statement of your obligations, duties or rights in respect of any issue. If you reasonably suspect there has been a data breach or similar event, you should seek legal advice. Each set of circumstances will be different and legal advice should be obtained in respect of the particular circumstances.

You should not input any personal or confidential information into the Service. You agree that your conversation may be stored for a period of 30 days and may be reviewed by Members of Norton Rose Fulbright for the purposes of improving the Service.

You acknowledge and agree that your use of the Service, does not create a solicitor-client relationship between you and any Member of Norton Rose Fulbright, unless you seek specific legal advice from that Member of Norton Rose Fulbright and enter into a contract of engagement with them and use of the Service and/or the Content is not incidental to, or part of, any matter or transaction that a Norton Rose Fulbright Member may be working on for you or any other of its clients. Further, you acknowledge and agree that the ability to provide you with legal advice and enter into a contract of engagement with you is subject in each case to the applicable Know-Your-Client and conflict checking procedures.’