Israel’s Tadmor Levy Law Firm Chooses Legal AI Co. Luminance

It’s Tuesday, so it must be another client win announcement by Luminance….this time the UK-based legal AI company has bagged its first Israeli law firm in the shape of Tadmor & Co. Yuval Levy & Co (AKA ‘Tadmor Levy’).

The announcement about the Tel Aviv (see picture above) firm marks the twenty-sixth country to deploy Luminance’s machine learning platform in 18 months, said the company.

And, although sceptics perhaps rightly point out that just because you have lots of clients signed up doesn’t mean they are using your AI review system at scale, there is no getting around the company’s global client-winning success and its reach now. Moreover, you have to get in the door first before a law firm can get familiar with the technology and start to use it at scale. As the saying goes: you have to start somewhere. So, overall, this is another important milestone.

The company said that Tadmor Levy selected Luminance to ‘streamline the due diligence processes for domestic and international M&A transactions’. In particular, Tadmor Levy valued Luminance’s inbuilt collaboration tools, ‘enabling them to  assign tasks and monitor progress across the 100 lawyers at the firm’ the company said of the client win.

Ziv Wassercug, Partner at Tadmor Levy, said: ‘Innovation in the legal sector is changing the way law firms conduct fundamental practices such as due diligence, and we are pleased to have found a technology solution for [the firm].’

‘Luminance transforms the contract review process, allowing the data room to find significant information and highlighting potential anomalies within a vast volume of documents. Ultimately, adopting Luminance will help us maintain the high standards that our clients expect,’ Wassercug added.

Emily Foges, CEO of Luminance, concluded: ‘We are  delighted to welcome Tadmor Levy as the first Israeli law firm to adopt Luminance. True machine learning is language agnostic, and our expansion into another country is testament to the power of this new generation of legal technology that learns in a similar way to the human brain. We are excited to see the insight and efficiency gains that Luminance can deliver in a different language and jurisdiction.’

Israel is no stranger to legal AI technology, given that one of the early pioneers of the sector, LawGeex, is based there. The country also has a thriving legal tech scene, though adoption of this new legal tech across local firms has remained mixed until recently.