Top Portuguese Firm MLGTS Picks Luminance’s Legal AI Tech

It’s Tuesday again so it must be time for another Luminance client announcement…and it is, this time in the shape of leading Portuguese law firm Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva e Associados (MLGTS). Last Tuesday the AI company was also signed up by Israel’s Tadmor Levy law firm.

The Lusophone lawyers, who have a network of associated firms in Angola, Mozambique and Macau (China), will start off by using UK-based Luminance’s legal AI tech for doc review in M&A transactions. The 250-lawyer network of associated lawyers will also be able to make use of the review automation tech.

Nuno Galvão Teles, managing partner at MLGTS, said: ‘[We are] constantly analysing innovative ways to add value to … legal services.’

‘Luminance presented us with a very intuitive technology with the potential to instantly understand thousands of documents on the first day of the operation. The implementation of this technologywill drastically reduce the time allotted to due diligence processes, and can contribute to significantly shorten the preparation of many transactions.’

We also valued the rapid adaptation of the platform to the Portuguese language, allowing its use by teams spread throughout our Portuguese-speaking network. We are very excited about the possibility of extending this technology to all areas of activity,’ he added.

Luminance’s CEO, Emily Foges, concluded: ‘MLGTS is recognised for its pioneering approach to delivering a high level of service to its clients, and we are delighted to welcome the firm to the growing list of global law firms using our technology for M&A due diligence.’

She also said that the company was now nearing 100 clients globally.

[ Picture credit, RT. Photo of Lisbon seafront, Portugal. ]