Roll Up, Roll Up! Clause’s Smart Contracts Open To All, From Tomorrow.

Artificial Lawyer doesn’t always do this, but given that this site has been following and supporting smart contract pioneer Clause since almost Day One, then it feels right to plug their big online public reveal tomorrow.

After a very successful closed Beta programme, covering 161 users from 24 countries, they will be opening Clause to all on September 26th i.e. tomorrow.

It will still be called a Beta programme, but in opening to all it will massively scale up the opportunity to use this tech and to give the team feedback to perfect the product. 

You can register here for the Clause Public Beta Webinar to be held on September 26th at 11:00 AM US Eastern Time, which is 4PM UK time. Or if you are in the US, you may want to go to their big public reveal in person: check out the meet-up in New York.

You may wonder why this is a big deal. The answer is that Peter Hunn, the British cofounder of Clause, who is based in New York, and his team such as Dan Selman and Houman Shadab, have been working around the clock for many months – if not years – to get to this stage. They, along with companies such as OpenLaw, have really moved complex smart legal contracts from a theoretical idea to a working reality.

It’s not often when a handful of companies really make a significant change to the status quo, but this is one of those big moments. So congrats to the Clause team on this major milestone. Looking forward to what you have to show tomorrow.

P.S. and for those who’d like a little taster, below is a short video intro.

P.S. Readers will remember that Clause just inked a deal with LegalZoom…among many other things recently.