DoNotPay: Launches ‘Sue Anyone For Free’ + 13 Other A2J Applications

DoNotPay – the A2J platform started by Joshua Browder has today rolled out a collection of 14 different applications via the Apple iTunes Store that help you to sue people in the US, and claim money for poor consumer service. DoNotPay seeks to avoid collecting any financial return from this and the app is FREE…!

Browder says: ‘Fight corporations, beat bureaucracy and sue anyone at the press of a button. All products are free. You keep 100% of what you save.’

(Although it’s worth pointing out that getting free food from McDonalds is probably not a massive A2J issue…..but, hey, why not….? Can’t beat a good cheeseburger now and then.)

The things you can do with the app – as long as you are in the US – are:

1. Sue anyone in small claims court for up to $25,000 without the help of a lawyer.

2. Fight unfair bank, credit card and overdraft fees.

3. Overturn your parking tickets.

4. Claim hidden government and class action settlement money.

5. Earn refunds from Uber and Lyft when a driver takes a wrong turn.

6. Fix errors on your credit report.

7. Save money on over 20,000 prescription and over the counter drugs.

8. Scan your McDonalds, Jack In The Box, KFC and Carl’s Junior receipts for free fast food.

9. Find a California DMV Appointment in days rather than months.

10. Apply for a United States B2 Tourist Visa extension or Family Based Green Card.

11. Dispute fraudulent or low quality transactions with your bank.

12. Protect your privacy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Sue big tech companies for every data breach.

13. Make money on your airline and hotel bookings with price protection.

14. Track your packages and earn refunds (or free Amazon Prime) for late package deliveries.

NOTE: the App appears to only be available for download if you are in the US. I just tried to download from the UK, and it’s not possible. Hopefully a UK version will arrive soon.

The US Apple iTunes Store shows the following screen shots: