Baker McKenzie Formally Partners with Avvoka Contract Automation Platform

Global law firm, Baker McKenzie, is to formally partner with end-to-end contract automation platform, Avvoka, as part of a wider programme to engage with new legal technology.

After the initial proof of concept phase, the firm will use Avvoka’s platform on two projects that were not originally envisaged: collaboration on large scale multi-jurisdictional matters and global trade mark projects.

Ben Allgrove, Baker McKenzie’s Global R&D Partner, said: ‘Avvoka came to us with a product that did X (deal automation). We worked with them to explore how it could work for us, and have ended up deploying it in production to do Z (collaboration on large scale multijurisdictional advice) and Y (global trade mark recordal projects), meeting our needs and opening new product opportunities to them. We expect we will discover even more opportunities as more people within the firm get to work with them.’

Sam Haines, BD Head at Avvoka, added: ‘Baker McKenzie is a forward-thinking firm so it’s exciting to be part of their ecosystem. By collaborating we not only gain domain expertise and market credibility, but looking at the bigger picture, we can be part of defining the market in what is an increasingly dynamic industry.’

More recently, the global firm has partnered with the Accord Project to assist in the development of industry-wide standards for smart legal contracts and deployed ContraxSuite by LexPredict, an open-source AI platform, recently purchased by Elevate (see special news analysis on the deal here).

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