Autto: Pioneering Legal Workflow Automation – A Video Explainer

Legal workflow automation has massive potential for growth as an area of legal tech and one of the pioneering startups in this field that has been working hard on bringing its product to market is Autto.

Artificial Lawyer first met up with Autto’s co-founder, Ian Gosling, back in 2016, (see feature article here), when the company was just getting started. Since then they have been steadily building out the product and testing it with Beta customers. Now they are much further along in their journey and keen to share with the market what they have achieved in the shape of a new explainer video.

But first, what does the application do? Let’s allow Autto to describe this in their own words: ‘Autto boosts productivity by letting your business easily automate repetitive processes to improve efficiency, consistency and job satisfaction.’

‘Using a simple flowchart-style tool, quickly turn repetitive processes into automated workflows. Set up forms to gather data. Apply conditions. Create documents. Send emails. Get approvals. With Autto’s  online platform you link Lego-like actions together to create automated workflows that securely run in any browser,’ they conclude.

And now, check out the new 7 minute video, kindly shared with Artificial Lawyer, that explains in more detail what they can do for a legal team. This and other forms of legal automation and workflow tools in the market (such as Bryter and Neota Logic) really will play a key part in changing the means of legal production. Enjoy.