HighQ Grows India Engineering Team to 250 People, Opens New Office

Legal data platform HighQ now has 250 people based in India as part of its engineering team. The company has also consolidated the sites they were spread over into one single new office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The news is a sign of just how important off-shored tech teams are today to the success of some of legal tech’s biggest names.

Several other legal tech companies have significant teams based outside their core markets. For example, Seal Software has a notable tech team in Egypt, while many legal tech startups have tapped the talent of coders and developers in Eastern Europe. We have also seen law firms such as Kennedys in the UK work closely with a legal tech team in India. In Kennedys’ case they recently moved to integrate that tech team into their business.

Nevertheless, the 250-strong team in India of HighQ is likely one of the larger such software engineering bases among legal tech companies.

Clearly one reason for doing so is to gain access to well-trained talent at affordable salary levels. And, it’s arguable that having such teams outside of the US, UK and Western Europe provides tech companies and law firms with an advantage, given that experts in areas such as machine learning or data analytics can today command very high salaries in places like London and New York.

In fact, Ajay Patel, HighQ’s CEO and founder, (see below), highlighted how off-shored developers played a critical role in his company’s fortunes.

The company explained that HighQ’s software engineering team has been based in Ahmedabad for several years, but until now, operations have been split between multiple smaller offices across two sites in the city, which have organically evolved as the team has grown. The engineering team has experienced rapid growth over the past two years, and as a result, the business made a strategic decision to accelerate its investment in India, including these new offices to accommodate the 250-employee team.

The office features ‘best-in-class facilities such as ergonomically designed work spaces and community break-out areas, multiple conference suites with the latest AV technology, a multi-purpose auditorium, a full cafeteria and many more designer spaces’ they added.

Amit Monga, HighQ’s managing director, India operations, said: ‘HighQ believes in and lives by its values, and employees are at the centre of who we are. Our employee work environment was the single biggest motivation for such a substantial investment in our new facilities, and we’re delighted to provide a world-class home that our staff can be proud of that enables us to attract the best talent from across India.’

Patel, HighQ’s CEO and founder, concluded: ‘I hired my first few developers in Ahmedabad over a decade ago, and since then the operation has moved from strength to strength, now representing our largest office with over 250 talented developers and other key professionals. The Ahmedabad team is truly the heart of our global business, building amazing software that our customers continue to admire, and for many, has become mission critical to their business. We are all very proud of this team and excited to begin a new chapter in these amazing offices.’

(Main picture: Sabarmati riverfront development.)

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