Tish Clyde of Nokia: ‘We Are Hugely Interested In Automation + AI’

Artificial Lawyer recently caught up with Tish Clyde, VP Global Head of Labour & Employment Legal, at Nokia. In a short interview we covered areas including automation, AI, and the need for efficiency inside inhouse teams. Tish’s answers are clear proof that a growing number of senior inhouse lawyers are already making use of this type of technology.

– First, can you please tell the readers about your role at Nokia. 

I head up labour and employment at Nokia and legal operations. We have 100,000 employees in more than 120 countries.

– How important is legal tech to your inhouse function? Where is it most delivering value? 

Nokia is a tech company so we are hugely interested in automation, machine learning/AI to drive efficiency and speed in how we serve our customers.

This includes legal tech where it adds value and can be integrated into our business tools and processes.

– When it comes to using external law firms, does their use of tech become part of the choice? 

If it adds value for us!

Seriously, we do value law firms that look to use technology, not for its own sake, but because it delivers more efficiency.

– What is your view of AI-driven (NLP/ML) doc review systems? 

At Nokia we are already doing this and see huge potential in contract review and other areas.

– Do you feel that C-suites and shareholders are putting more pressure on inhouse legal teams to drive efficiencies and reduce day to day costs? 

The Nokia Legal & Compliance team is recognised already as adding a lot of value to the business.

Of course, we continually look at ways we can increase efficiency but, more importantly, collaborate across the business to add even more value to Nokia.

– Thanks! 

Tish Clyde will be just one of many leading inhouse lawyers speaking at the Corporate Counsel and Compliance Exchange two-day event in London, 25 – 26 April at the Hilton Syon Park Hotel in Richmond. You can see the full agenda here. Richard Tromans, Founder of Artificial Lawyer + Tromans Consulting, will be chairing the conference.


  1. Great interview, thanks for sharing Richard! Look forward to hearing more on this at the Corporate Counsel & Compliance Exchange.

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