Fenwick Elliott Picks Ayfie’s Computational Linguistic Tech for Knowledge Discovery

Construction and energy law firm Fenwick Elliott is working with text analytics provider Ayfie to enhance its knowledge discovery capabilities, in what is an important client win for the tech company as it targets expansion in the legal sector. Ayfie’s tech is based upon computational linguistics.

The UK law firm will be using Ayfie’s Locator for Knowledge Discovery. This the company said ‘pulls all relevant data into a Universal Index [which] then breaks down data silos and makes the content accessible anytime, anywhere, across all teams of the law firm’.

‘By combining computational linguistics with enterprise search, the firm’s data is turned into a knowledge resource’ they added.

Pure machine learning cannot be used for such use cases as it requires you to understand what you are looking for to train the algorithms, the company argues. This puts it into direct opposition to some other applications in the market that rely on a machine learning approach.

The AI company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with offices in Denver, New York, Washington, D.C., Munich, London and Stockholm.

Rob Wescott, Chief Strategy Officer at Ayfie, commented: ‘We are extremely pleased to have Fenwick Elliott as our first UK business partner leveraging our linguistic capabilities to deliver greater value to their litigation clients.’

Dr. Stacy Sinclair, Head of Technology and Innovation at the law firm, added: ‘We were looking for a text analytics and search platform that could assist us with early case assessment, the disclosure process, and knowledge management. With the implementation of Ayfie Locator…. we now can process large data sets faster and more efficiently.’

‘We are constantly looking for ways to sift through data faster and more efficiently – either to get a better, more holistic understanding of our client’s case at an earlier point in the dispute, or to reduce document volumes before we put them into a full review platform. Ayfie’s technology provides the firm with the ability to index and mine large, complex data sets and this early data assessment process is increasing our efficiency and planning,’ she concluded.

Johannes Stiehler, CTO at Ayfie, will be a speaker at the Legal Innovators event on 11 October in London. If you’d like to know more, check out the link below.