LegalTech Tapas – Mathias Strasser, CEO, Scissero: AI Contract Negotiation

Welcome to Episode 2 of LegalTech Tapas. In this podcast Andrew Jardine talks to Mathias Strasser, CEO of Scissero – the AI contract negotiation tool. They explore what this tool does and what benefits it delivers.

To play, please click below. The run time is approximately 17 mins. Enjoy.

About Scissero

Scissero is a cloud-based legal AI platform that can read, draft and mark up legal agreements. It enhances traditional machine learning approaches with deep domain knowledge to create a legal AI platform that can solve difficult, real-world problems.

Scissero has been designed to automatically mark up routine legal agreements (e.g., NDAs) and thus cut the time needed to negotiate such agreements. Scissero’s data extraction technologies can also be used for large-scale repapering exercises and due diligence reporting, such as the impending move from interbank offered rates (IBORs) to alternative risk free rates (RFRs).

About LegalTech Tapas

LegalTech Tapas is a regular podcast that serves up bite-sized summaries of the latest legal tools, what they do, and why you might use them.

Each episode discusses a different legal tool, and includes an interview with a guest from that company so you can hear directly from the horse’s mouth why you should be using their product.

The host, Andrew Jardine, is a legal tech enthusiast, ex-management consultant and former Kira Systems employee. As an early stage joiner at Kira, Andrew saw time and time again that customers struggled to understand the many new legal technologies entering the market. LegalTech Tapas is his effort to try and address that.


  1. Hi Andrew. I really enjoyed both episodes of LegalTech Tapas. I work for a big player in the contract negotiation business in France. I’m sure my colleagues could benefit from your podcasts, but digesting rapid delivery talks can be hard for non-native speakers. Would it be possible to produce and publish a full transcript of the talks ? That would be really fantastic for people on this side of the Channel !

  2. Thank for the comment Michael. Always welcome comments and ideas.

    If you go to the Legaltech Tapas blog (below) you will find a partial transcript of the technology summary, not the interview portion though, think that might be quite long, but will keep your comments in mind for future episodes.

    Hope that helps!

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