‘Can Tech Truly Reduce The Cost of Legal Services?’ – The Big Question

[Note: this article has been re-posted due to a technical issue yesterday.]

Artificial Lawyer has teamed up with QIARK – a pioneering natural language data analysis company – to show what people really think about key issues related to legal innovation.

The Big Question requests your thoughts on a topic, which QIARK will then analyse and sort into different idea streams. The anonymised results will then be published once we have enough responses.

So now, the first Big Question:

‘Can technology truly reduce the cost of legal services? Please give a reason for your answer.’

To respond, click this link here, and leave your thoughts in the text box on the QIARK page (see example below). There is a simple log in process.

QIARK has the ability to read natural language text and separate out meaning to reveal what people think in a far more sophisticated manner than a simple indicative ‘yes’/’no’ vote. The system is used by company Boards, for example, to better understand what shareholders really think about an issue.

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