100+ PwC Legal Lawyers To Be Trained on BRYTER No Code Platform

In an important client win for no code, legal automation company, Bryter, over 100 lawyers within the European groups of PwC Legal are to be equipped with and trained on the ‘build your own’ (BYO) workflow system.

The deal, which covers continental Europe, including the major markets of France and Germany, will see modules built on Bryter going live this week.

Although the UK is not part of the deal – yet – gaining such a sizeable foothold in PwC Legal is significant and shows the trend for adopting no code/low code BYO systems is steadily increasing.

Artificial Lawyer’s Founder was a judge last year for a hackathon in New York where Bryter was deployed by several teams from US law firms. It’s fair to say the teams were able to build useful applications in around half a day, making use of the platform’s intuitive workflow system.

As Bryter’s CEO and founder, Michael Grupp, often says, much of the software that really has an impact on businesses is invisible, and simply makes work easier by making operational workflows more efficient. Moreover, as these applications are built by the actual staff of a business they are adapted to their specific needs from day one, as opposed to buying an externally made ‘off the peg’ solution.

In a statement, Bryter said: ‘In law firms, one factor that is often noticed is the gap between the product development unit and legal professionals. While the latter usually gets in touch with the tool by the time it is market-ready, the product development team very often does not have direct contact with the client.

‘No-code platforms are one potential solution to this challenge, allowing legal professionals without any technological know-how to successfully do their own product development.’

Christian Oehner, Managing Partner of PwC Legal Austria and Global Legal Tech Leader of PwC, added: ‘No code platforms close the gap between legal professionals and product development teams and – more importantly – to the clients.’

While Grupp concluded: ‘PwC Legal Austria and the other PwC Legal entities in the project have realised the potential of easy-to-use automation in a regulatory environment. It is a logical, but very powerful step to bring interactive toolsets to clients.’