Emily Foges Leaves Luminance For Deloitte Legal

Emily Foges, the dynamic boss of legal AI company, Luminance, is leaving to join Deloitte Legal.

She will join as lead partner of the legal managed services (LMS) arm. Deloitte is understood to have approached her last year.

She told Artificial Lawyer: ‘I have had the most fun anyone can have doing a job. But this is an opportunity to disrupt the legal profession in a different way.’

Foges has been the figurehead of Luminance since it launched, driving forward its growth globally and putting the brand on the map.

She explained that Deloitte had approached her in 2019 and that after ‘four years of awesomeness’ she had decided to work at disrupting the legal profession in a new way.

The LMS group is one of four verticals in Deloitte Legal, that also includes Tech, Consulting and Advisory.

Foges said that the LMS group would grow rapidly now and as one can expect given her time at Luminance she will be driving that growth very hard.

Artificial Lawyer asked if this meant Deloitte would be opening an office in Belfast for LMS work, but she said she cannot comment at present. But, that there will be an LMS base in Liverpool.

Also, for Luminance, Jason Brennan, the US head, will become overall leader of the company from New York. The US will become a new ‘centre of gravity’ for the company, she added.

Foges rejected suggestions that Luminance was facing any difficulties. She noted they are hiring new staff and that the inhouse market for their doc analysis software was huge and largely untapped.

She will also stay on Luminance’s advisory board.

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  1. Extraordinary timing. Clearly Luminance not doing as well as the PR machine would have us believe as Emily will be foregoing a chunk of equity…

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