Ayfie Buys Enterprise Search Co. Haive, Follows Public Listing

Doc analysis company Ayfie has bought Haive, an enterprise search company, its first major move following the public listing of its shares – see AL TV News Analysis here.

Haive is based in Oslo, Norway, and started in 2015. And you may say ‘Norway…? Why?’ The answer is that although Ayfie is global now and works in the US and UK, historically it has its roots in Scandinavia. Its public listing is also in Norway, and so are some of its clients.

Moreover, there is no reason why the added enterprise search and KM tech stack of Haive cannot be leveraged across the company’s global offering.

So, to recap on recent events, Ayfie has seen a new management team take over, including CTO Johannes Stiehler becoming CEO, a renewed focus on the legal market – as previously the company had a much wider focus, a public listing, and now an M&A deal to build out the platform.

‘This acquisition is a perfect fit for us, because it will both extend our reach in one of our core geographies and strengthen our competence centre in Oslo. By bringing together Haive’s and Ayfie’s customer bases and market insights, we can deliver even more relevant solutions to both our clients,’ said Stiehler, the new CEO of Ayfie.

Is this a big deal? For Ayfie, yes, as it shows perhaps what its wider strategy is now, i.e. building out a platform for law firms and corporates.

Also, as mentioned, although this deal was in Norway it would be underestimating things to assume that its impact will only be felt locally. And, Ayfie also clearly has business growth on its mind. Under the new management of Stiehler we can expect more growth steps to come.