Role Reversal as Litera Buys Tech Product from Law Firm

5th November 2020 artificiallawyer 1

In an unusual role reversal, leading Australian law firm Gilbert + Tobin has sold its digital disclosure tool that it built internally to the ever-growing legal tech platform, Litera, in what is a rare example of a large software company buying an innovative solution lock, stock and barrel from a law firm. Such a move could also be a world first, the firm claims.

The Journey

Noah Waisberg, Kira CEO: Learnings From The Journey

2nd November 2020 artificiallawyer 0

You have all heard of Kira Systems, and you may have had the pleasure of hearing its co-founder and CEO, Noah Waisberg, speak on a range of subjects related to legal AI, but what do we really know about his 10-year journey with the pioneering company he helped to create and that has shaped this part of the legal tech world?